Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Been sooo MIA but have good excuse.... promise :)

Hi everyone ... anyone out there lol

I've totally be MIA and feel terrible about it.  My old laptop has gotten so bad that it takes forever for it to do anything (I'm on a borrowed netbook right now). It is about 10 yrs old and very very cranky lol. 

I'm heading to Houston, TX, USA in 16 days to visit my family and friends for 2 weeks.  Going to be a good but extremely busy visit.

And...... I'm getting a new and beautiful laptop.... wooooo to the hoooooo lol.  My bro ordered it for me and I'll have a wonderful HP with all the bells and whistles to play with.  I can't wait!!!

Soooo I promise to be back on and posting again on a regular basis. I miss doing that.

Take care everyone!!!

Anne-Kathrine :)