Friday, January 8, 2010

Nanuchy 10/24/95 to 01/07/10


(Pic taken during morning news at Fox 26 12/10/09)

Yesterday was an end of an era! Nanuchy, Her Royal Grouchiness, took her final trip to the vets. It was def time. In the last 6 weeks she went downhill in a big way. Her kidneys were shutting down. She was drinking so much water and was on the highest dosage of meds and still had to go out every 2-3 hrs around the clock or she would have an accident (mostly the last 2 weeks).

(Squeaky (sis's dog) on left and Nanuchy on right )

She could hardly hear or see anything anymore. She kept getting lost in the house and yard no matter how closely I watched her. I had to carry her quite a bit which she hated but it couldn't be helped.

(Squeaky left and Nanuchy right)

I know this isn't the best pic, but wanted to show how much alike Squeaky and Nanuchy were. Nanuchy's legacy lives on in Squeaky, since Squeaky really wanted to be like Nanuchy and even picked up some of her habits lol.

My parents' house is a bit cold so to keep her warm at night she was covered in a warm fuzzy leopard throw. Normally both cats would sleep with her as well. I would get up and have to tuck her in again after every outing and every time she got up for water. You can see Sonja in the right bottom corner on her own bed.

(Nanuchy left, Bonzo right)

The one good thing is that now Nanuchy is with her soul mate, Bonzo. They were like 2 halves of a whole and I know they are both overjoyed to be back together again. I did ask her to be sweet to Patachou for once and tell him I love him too, as well as to all my other babies who have gone ahead.

This was taken an hour before I took Nanuchy to the vets. You can tell how tired she was in that pic. On top it's freezing cold here. It was about 39F in that pic. So she was wearing her stylish leather bomber jacket :)

Please overlook how crappy I look. My sis took it of us at the vets. One of the few pics I have of Nanuchy and me. She hated having her pic taken. My favorite vet was there and he knew Nanuchy well so it was great he was there to help her pass. He even said "She was a grand old lady, who will be greatly missed". He def appreciated her fiestiness LOL. And he did say I did a good job with her since she wasn't supposed to live past 2 yrs old (due to so many health issues at that age)

I'm really going to miss my little Gucci. But I am also relieved that she isn't in pain anymore, but healthy and free to run around at the rainbow bridge as much as she wants to. She really made me a better pet owner overall. I hope to never have such a dominate dog again LOL.
Fly high Nanuchy, your mama loves you so much!!!


Dakota Cassidy said...

Oh, sweetie--I'm so sorry. But I promise you, if Dad gets wind of Naunchy's arrival, he'll be the first one with a dog biscuit and some lurve to greet her.

She'll never sleep alone :)

Hugs, honey.

DC :)

Sue said...

I'm so sorry A-K! I'm crying here. Murphy's clone has gone ahead.


Peggy said...

A-K! I'm sitting here crying too for all our furbabies who've gone ahead but especially for you and Sonja who are missing Naunchy right now. It's such a hard decision to let them go. But they're waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us and having a great time.

Martha and Bailey said...

So sorry to read this post. We have been thinking of you all. You must be feeling pretty numb right now - a lovely tribute to Nanuchy.

sandi said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who read this and cried. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. Maybe she's finding my Sally and making a new friend.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We are sorry fur your loss BUT we are proud of your selflessness and khourage -

Woo gave her the best gift - despite knowing what it would khost your heart -

We'll light a khandle tonight and think of you!

Khyra & Her Mom
PeeEssWoo: Plus the khandle khan help keep all of woo warm!

Jackie said...

Oh AK,that was a wonderful tribute to your baby girl. Shw was such a force to be reckoned with in such a cute looking package. I will miss her and I know you already are.
Fly high Nanuchy, fly with bright silver wings -


Nicole said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and in hope things get better for you.


-stasia said...

Dear Nanuchy,
Your Mama, Anne-Kathrine, loved you and shared you with us.
We will miss learning what you did each day, and how you showed her how you felt. Though you knew us not, we loved you too.
Fly well Nanuchy. Keep being the Boss now that you are young and well once more.
Enjoy your new home in heaven.

Terri said...

Awww so sorry for your loss, but you did a great job with her and hopefully she is at peace now

Brandy said...

Oh, no! Anne-Katherine I am so sorry. I know how much you loved her. Please know she no longer knows pain and she's probably even being nice to Patachou. That may be pushing it, huh? She knows you loved her. Hugs, sweetie.

Misalyn said...

Oh my so sorry for your loss. You made me cry with this post Anne-Katherine.

Fly high Nanuchy and please keep on watching over the sick dogs and other animals from up above.

Mack said...

We are just so sorry to hear of Nanuchy's passing. And you are right - she is now with her soul mate.
Heaven has a beautiful new angel now.
Sad sugars,

Mango said...

We are sad too, but so proud of you for taking good care of Nanuchy and making her transition out of this life as painless for her as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,

Gucci was a Royal standard of greatness/grouchiness...determined, independent & high spirited she never left us bored.

I am sorry she had to go but she's now with her Bonzo & can bug Patachou freely. I will miss her too...she's "the best chinese take away I've ever seen"!

Love u & the furries (&czarina)

Your Brat :)

Dory and the Mama said...

We are so sorry for your loss, but we are also so happy that her pain is gone and you had the selflessness it took to do the right thing for her.

Dory, Bilbo and the Mama

Melissa McClone said...


Your post was such a lovely tribute to Nanuchy. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I have tears rolling down my face right now.

I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm so happy for both you and Nanuchy that you had so long together considering what the vets thought when she was 2. That's a testament for your love for each other.



Dru said...


That was such a lovely tribute to a wonderful friend. She is at peace and I bet she's smiling at you and remembering all the good times. And I bet Bonzo and Patachou are there with her smiling down on you as well.

Sorry for you loss.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We are so very sad to hear this news. We lost our sweet girl last summer and still miss her a lot - we know she was there to welcome Nanuchy at the bridge. It is a very difficult but loving decision you had to make.

Hugs, Phantom, Thunder and Mom

Naqvee said...

A-K, you told me about the "Rainbow Bridge" and how the pets are free to roam and wander and play and wait for us to come to them. I hope you remember, you made me feel light when My little kitten Luckeena passed away.
I hope this phase too shall pass, i Know my kittie was fond of dogs and he will find Nanuchy there.. and make her comfy! my kittie was suffering from pneumonia. God has given them a better place where there are no pains and no sufferings.

with you in this troubled time.

Anne-Kathrine said...

- Thanks Dakota! She def will seek your dad out since she def preferred men over women and she would love a cookie :)

- Thanks Sue! I warned you when you got Murphy that you would have your hands full lol. Gucci would have been proud of his accompishments lol.

- Thanks Peggy. Yes it was hard but I know in my heart it was the right time for her to go. She was too special to continue the way she was.

- Thanks Martha & Bailey! I've missed everyone, and hope to now with a bit more time to catch up with everyone. At least I got to spend a lot of good quality time with Nanuchy before I let her go.

- Thanks Sandi! Didn't mean to make anyone cry but for me I had to write it as a final goodbye to my very first my own dog.

- Thanks Khyra and mama! Im at peace with her going since it was def her time. Thanks for the warm thoughts, it went down to 22 last night which is wayyyy cold for Houston!

- Thanks Jackie! Yeah she def was a force to be reconed with. She never backed down from a challenge in her 14 yrs.

- Thanks Nicole! It's been a crazy few months but hope things will settle down now.

- Thanks Stasia! She def was one of a kind. As much as I loved her I hope to not have one that difficult again lol.

- Thanks Terri! I bet she is bossing everyone around up there lol.

- Thanks Brandy! LOL I bet she is bossing him around and grumbling at him like she did when they were both alive lol. I do know she is now running in big circles as fast as she can again!

- Thanks Misalyn! It makes it easier knowing that I'll meet up with all my babies later on.

- Thanks Mack! She was so heartbroken when Bonzo died I just know she is overjoyed with being with him again.

- Thanks Mango! Yes it hurt to let her go but a big part of me is relieved too since she is healthy and happy again and that makes it all worth while.

- Thanks my little Brat :) I know how much you loved Gucci too and how much Squeaky will miss her too. Good thing Gucci didn't get Squeaky completely turned into her lol.

- Thanks Dory, Bilbo and the Mama! Her being happy and healthy again is worth the pain I feel. Her being ready to go made it a much easier decision.

- Thanks Melissa! She def was strong minded and very independent. This last battle was just too much for her and it was time to let her go. At least she is met with open arms and lots of good company up there!

- Thanks Dru! I know she is having a blast being bossy like she loves to be.

- Thanks Phantom, Thunder and Mom! I remember when you had to let Dakota go ahead and it broke my heart too. I miss my baby girl a lot but also am so happy she is healthy and without any pain anymore!

- Thanks Naqvee! I remember when your little kitten when ahead. I've believed in the rainbow bridge for years and know I'll meet up with all my babies later on. That makes all this easier to deal with.

Jeniffer said...

I am so sorry A-K good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Marianne Arkins said...

Awww... sweetie, I've been SO busy, and haven't been able to blog hop, so didn't see this until just now -- I'm sorry I'm so late! I'm so sorry for your loss. No matter what, losing a fur baby is so hard, even when we know it's for the best.


pleintexasgirl said...

aaawwww Nanuchy! I know your mama loved you very much. You are in a wonderful place now with so many others that have been well loved. Anne-Katherine you are a very good mama. XO HoneyBelle

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Oh No!!

I am so sorry to learn this news but Nanuchy is now with all your other doggies and I'm sure she and Samantha have met up already.

We've missed you. Tomorrow I'm gonna be giving kisses in Kemah at Camp Bow Wow's adoption event and if you were there, I'd give you lots of free kisses.

Love Mona & Mommy