Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowy tur of Kongsberg :)

Hi everyone :)

On Sunday I decided to get out and take some pics in the snow.  I left home around 1:30pm and it was about -10C / 14F and had been snowing for almost 48 hrs :) All decked out with proper winterboots, wintercoat, hat, gloves, long underwear, well you get the idea lol :)

View from my front door looking right :) 

Wow it did snow a lot :)

Walkway from my apt.  Shovling snow naaahhhh LOL

At some point the driveway was shoveled :)

My neighbor Rico with his foster dog Riko (and no he didn't name him lol he came that way from Poland and hopefully will get a forever home soon)

Way down to the main road.

Not there yet :)

Still walking :)

I love that tree, it gets so full of leaves and changes colors with the seasons :)

Way up there is the main road.

View to the right.  It's snowing so the mountains are partially hidden.

Ah see the main road, Bus stop up ahead.

Nice walk in the snow.

You can see the grocery store Kiwi up ahead :)

Making good progress

Hmm it really all starts to look alike lol.

You'd think they clean their back windows with all the snow and ice that's out there.

Yep keep on going :)

That yellow house you can see after we cross the bridge.

Oh who have we here???

Oh it's Julenissen (Father Christmas) :)

Another small hill.

The train runs under this bridge.

If I keep going straight it will take me to work.  Going to turn right after the big bushes.

See what the bushes were hidden.

Walkway under bridge.

If there was a train it would pass infront.

But there is a nice walkway next to the train tracks which goes over the river.

Oh my the river is frozen on the right side.  Town is down towards the right,

Very icy and slippery to walk on frozen metal.  And it was the coldest out over the river.  Much colder than the rest of the walk.

And the river is frozen on the left side too.

You can barely make out the big church tower in the distance.  And yes that is a frozen river infront !

Just about off the bridge.

See that is the yellow house we saw earlier.

Getting close to town.

Actually on one of the roads that leads in to town now. About 45 min have gone by since I left my apt,

The bus/train station.  Bus got in the way of my pic of the building.
I stopped in a store before this to warm up and look at tvs ok mostly to drool over a flat screen tv lol.

Most of the streets have these kind of lights up.

This is what I guess you would consider the "main street" of Kongsberg :)  The yellow building up on the left is the mall :)

This section of the main street you aren't able to drive thru.
Stopped in a little shop just before this. 

Not sure why this pic came out so dark lol but wated to show that the ice had broken up here so you can see the river.

See not zoomed in but same shot.

This is the bridge that takes you to the old part of Kongsberg.

This is to the left side of that bridge.  Big movement here :)

Still on the bridge :)

This takes us to the big church and the old part of town :)

The big church up ahead. You can see it is already getting a bit darker.

Big church on right.

This lit up tree was behind the churce.  Again came out darker than it should.

Raadhus aka City hall is on the left.

I stopped in this yarn store.  Got some yarn to knit a scarf.  Had a lovely conversation with the lady who owns it.

Wow it got dark. It was about 3:40pm at this point.

Up ahead is another church.

Going up a hill to head home.

I think this house is so pretty :) it is actually apts in it.

Keep on climbing.

Still a lot of snow.

If I turned left at this corner it would take me to work. I'm going straight and to the right up ahead.

Turn right up ahead.

It really is getting to dark for pics.

Wow big icicles :)

Took this on my left of the mountain. You can see how dark it is.

 I took more pics but they aren't worth showing since they came out way too dark.  I got home around 4:30pm :) Great exercise. I feel it on my legs and it has been a couple of days.  If I hadn't stopped in those stores I might have made it home before it was completely dark.  Must say my face was pretty cold even with a scarf and hat.  Hands were ok since I had gloves and put them in my pockets between shots.

Hope you enjoyed my snowy tur of Kongsberg.  It actually stopped snowing when I got home.  Warmed up with a shower and a cup of tea :) Once I get my old pics up you can compare them to the walk done in the fall :)



Crazy Lady said...

Really, really beautiful! But way too cold for this poor desert rat. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us.

Qwill said...

I love these photos. We haven't had any snow yet. So jealous... sort of. :D

Dru said...

I just have two words: I'm jealous!

Thanks for sharing your snowy pictures.

Melissa McClone said...

Oh, what a lovely walk. Thanks so much for sharing it. All that snow is just beautiful! And I love the paw prints on your blog layout!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Crazy Lady :) You get to see without feeling the cold lol.

LOL Thanks Qwill, I know at some point I'll be over it but until then Im enjoying it :)

Thanks Dru. You'll just have to come and visit :)

Thanks Melissa :) I had fun taking the pics and sharing Kongsberg with everyone. It is part of the new format or something. I don't have a dog yet but love the pawprints :)

Marianne Arkins said...

Snow's very pretty -- when I'm not the one walking in it!! *G*

Thanks for sharing.