Monday, May 20, 2013

Sassy - almost 10 month old and my 1st scissor clipping of Sassy.

Boxer and Snipp

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a few months since I posted.  As usual life tends to get in the way of life LOL.  To make things busier, Jostein and I decided to buy a new house :) Which means we are dealing with everything related to buying a new house and at the same time sell our house.   We are very excited about this and can't wait to move into our new place.  We will have a lot more place which everyone will enjoy :)


Snipp is getting his tusks in and is a bit grumpy.  Not to mention drooling more than usual lol.

Sassy and Boxer

Boxer (cat) has become a full-time indoor kitty.  He disappeared for about a month earlier this year.  Found out one of the neighbors had taken him in.  When they finally scanned him, they found out he is microchipped.    After a long story that didn't make too much sense we got him back. We decided we are going to make him like to be indoors lol.  He has actually adjusted well to being indoors.  He was very nervous when he 1st came back inside hiding under our bed the 1st couple of weeks.  The tips of his ears got hurt (we don't know the story behind that one) so both have fallen off.  It doesn't seem to bother him and his ears have healed up nicely.

Sassy  pre-groom

Sassy will be 10 month old at the end of this month.  She is growing nicely.  Only thing is she has started the change from puppy to adult fur.  Which means she gets mats if you look at her lol.  I have spent a lot of time brushing her out lately.  

Sassy bracing herself for the groom

Start the process with getting her on the table and brush out all the mats.  This does take a while since she seems to mat even before I'm done.  Finally got all the mats out :)

Sassy pre-bath

This is Sassy in all her glory after getting brushed out.  Talk about lots of fur lol.  I have been wanting to cut her using scissors but I have been worried about getting it right.  I decided to put my big girl panties on and tackle this challenge head on :)

Sassy is a skinny little thing :)

It is amazing how skinny Sassy is under all that fur.  Ok she can't see much with all the fur in her eyes lol.  

Love her natural wet look :) Lots of curls :)

Sassy blow-dried and extra puffy :) 

It takes forever to dry her hair.  I'm waiting for new blower/drier to get here.  Had to wait to order it.  That will help cut down on the time it takes to dry her.

Sassy uncut :)

It is a little skinny dog under all that fur LOL.  

Sassy, my 1st scissor cut

I was very nervous about cutting her.  I see that I need to work on her back and legs some more.  But for my 1st try I think it wasn't too bad.  Sassy was very patient during the process.  I have seen her scissored twice before.  So I'm pretty much going on memory and pictures :)

Sassy :)

Sassy can't see much since I took these pics before doing her topknot.  She isn't stacked properly due to taking the pics myself :)

She still seems to have a lot of hair.  She is tipping her head down a bit here lol.

From behind.  I was going to take a pic more straight on but she kept moving lol.

Look she actually has very pretty eyes :)

I need to get pics of her when she is actually stacked properly so that I can figure out what isn't right with this cut :) But I wanted to document my 1st scissor cut :)

She really is such a pretty girl.  At some point we will get back in the show ring :)

Sassy is ready for her walk :)  She really did very well considering this took about 5 1/2 hrs.  Hopefully I will get better with scissoring with practice :) 



Anonymous said...

Awww She's just gorgeous! Good job Sis :)

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks sis :) Happy I finally decided to do it :)