Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeee LOL

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me (totally sung off key), seriously my singing voice will make dogs howl, I inherited that honestly from my mom (sorry mom lol).

Is it considered too gauche to do a blog about my birthday, nahhhh why not LOL. I only turn 34 once. See I'm one of those women who has no problem what so ever to give my age. It isn't like it is a national secret or something LOL. Honestly I don't think anyone cares that what age I am lol.

I've been through a lot on my life (some of it my my doing, some by others doing) with both good and bad things happening. But I believe every experience has been good for me. I've learned from my mistakes (at least I really hope I have lol). I'm in a happier place overall in my life. Granted I still want to loose 133 lbs (Y'all will only see that number once!!!!!!), still waiting on getting my greencard, paying off debt and getting my credit in order again (darn ex), maybe move to a place that isn't as hot and humid (have y'all been outside yet, it's seriously hot lol), a different job would be nice, maybe get a car that I can afford to drive and run the ac at the same time, love to have a house with a yard (for my babies) and a pool (for me LOL), and I want to met a special guy, get married again but this time it will be a good marriage!.

Overall I really can't complain. I'm in pretty good health regardless of being overweight, my babies are in good health and ageing gracefully (ok Sonja is anything but graceful but whatever lol), things are falling into place.

My birthday will always have a bittersweet feeling to it. Today is also the 2 yr anniversary of Patachou going to the rainbow bridge. It def is getting easier to think about him. I don't cry like I did but remember so many of the good times we had together. I still miss him like crazy but feel so blessed for having had him in my life. I know we will met up later when it's my time to go. I hope to have another heartdog in my life. I love my girls, all 4 of them, but it isn't the same. I don't have that bond I had with him. And if he is the only heartdog I have then I was so lucky to have had him!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a bright future :)


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Our brush is a Chris Christenson fusion brass #20 brush. I am pretty sure there is a website where you can buy direct from him.

Qwill said...

Happy Birthday. I hope that you have a great year!



Martha and Bailey said...

Happy Birthday To You! You sound comfortable in your own skin - quite an achievement at 34!
How awful to have lost Patachou on you birthday - that will always be a bittersweet day!
I do know how it is to lose a dog and yes I still cry every now and then!
Recently when the ever exploring Bailey found a little purple ball which Harry 'stole' when we were up on Skye for a holiday.
For some reason he loved that ball and I hadnt seen if for ages!
Well I hope you have a nice evening planned with friends and that you enjoy yourself.
I will have a glass of wine to toast your special day a little later on this evening.
You Go Girl!
Martha & Bailey's Mum xxx

Mack said...

Happy Birthday!!

We hope you have the bestest one yet!!

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Anne-Katherine! You are so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it. Hugs!

Dru said...

Happy Birthday Anne-Katherine! It's so great to put a face with a name.

Have a wonderful birthday!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Qwill! Things are def looking up!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thank Op, I'll look into that brush for Sonja, might help with her double coat.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thank you Mack. It def was a good day!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Martha and Bailey! Pata was def one of a kind. So sweet that Bailey found Harry's ball!

I think getting out of the bad relationship with my ex (7yrs) helped me find my right place in life.

I had dinner at my parents' house with my mom, sis, bro, sil, and 6 dogs, not bad lol.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Dru. I decided since I was brave enough to put that pic on Myspace, I def was brave enough to put it on my blog.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thank you Brandy, and you are def too sweet. That pic was taken a few months ago, my hair is about 1 inch longer now!

Melissa McClone said...

Happy Birthday a day late! That's a great picture. I hope you have the best year ever. 34 is a great age. You are so young. And everything you wrote that you're working to achieve is awesome. Good luck. I know you can do it!!

Hugs on Patachou. It's bittersweet but I wonder if that connection between the two of you is why it happened that way.

Take care!

That Chick Over There said...

I'm late (as usual) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll be 34 this year too. :)

Selba said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Big licks,
Adele, Vincent & Bella

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thank you Selba!!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thank you Chick! Life is def looking up!!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thank you Melissa! I do feel younger than I have in a long time. It is like this birthday is a total fresh start for me.

Yeah I think so Pata was very special and def 1 of a kind.