Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Walking (Pics) Tour of Kongsberg :)

Hi everyone,

I've now been in Kongsberg almost 2 weeks :)  I decided to give you a tour of Kongsberg :)  Watch out there are a lot pics (153 if you want to be exact, but who's counting right lol, unless I didn't load them all, lol)

Flip-flops, hmmm is this correct footwear for this tour...

Big debate whether to wear tennis shoes or flip-flops.  Flip-flops won due to weather being fabulous, balmy 70 F / 21C, with lots of sunshine :)

My front door, bottom 2 windows on right are mine :)

So came out my front door and headed down steps to driveway just below

See bright white door is mine.

My studio is one of several in this section.  You can park cars on left side.  There is more parking below.

Driveway going up to my place.  Thought I had taken a downward shot but guess not :)

Sign right at base of previous pic.  Points to my place :) 21H :)

Just walking down the road.  I'm sure this won't be quite as much fun in the winter :)

Yep still on my road, haven't made it to main road yet :)

Around another curve :)

Another stretch of road.  There is a school on right, but didn't get that in the pic.

Just past the school, still haven't made it to main street :)

Ahhh there is a soccer field up ahead on the right.  Unfortunately doesn't show up on this pic.

Yep this the street I live on.  Weirdly called Animal Grav Road (shocked, I know I was too!)

Walk continues!

Hurray we have made it to the main street!

Up ahead you can see the bus stop "Dyrgravveinen"

I tried to take pics so that what you see is a stretch at the time.

Seriously considering getting a bike.  Good thing a friend is lending me 1 to see how I like it :)

Keep on walking.  On the left side there is a bowling alley.  Shame I don't bowl LOL.

That building up on the left is a Kiwi, small national chain of grocery store :)  Pretty close to the apt :)

Fair amount of traffic on this road.  Kongsberg has a lot of bike trails throughout the town.

May as well continue :)

View on right side of road.

View on left side of road.

Little view of left side :)

More view of left side.  What you can't see is that there is a river down there :)

If I continue straight, I get to work.  Going right is a shorter way to the center of town.  Going right today :)

This is right beside the walkway :)

Behind that fence a train runs :)

The road I was just on is above this go-through.

A lot of people take this route on their bikes.

The road I was is above me on left side.

You can now see the train tracks :)

Yep walk way is right next to the train tracks.

And yes it goes over the river.  View on right side

See close train!!

View on left side.

The river goes right through town.

There are no pics looking down to water due to my fear of loosing my iPhone lol.

This is looking back over the bridge.  Take note of the red roof.  You will see those same roofs later on for reference :)

Only people walking or on bikes are allowed on this road.  Dogs of course are welcome as long as they are on a leash.

There are signs all over the place showing the different bike trails.  I'm going to the Sentrum (center).

That is the train track I was walking next to :)

Kongsberg police station.  Good to know where that is LOL

The famous laundromat "Rens & Vask" which is never open no matter what time you try to go there lol.

Train & Bus station :)

It really is a beautiful building (train & bus station)

This is beginning of the center street with a lot of cute shops

This is the main mall here

The mall stretches back and way to the right.  It actually is pretty big.

Cars aren't allowed down this way.  There is an outside cafe in the middle.

If you follow this road it will take you back to the train station.  The cinema and hotel is down this way too.

The cinema (round building in back center) and hotel are down this street.

Walking towards bridge

On bridge.  I'm south of the bridge I crossed earlier.

Serious water action here :)

Not recommended to swim here.  That is a statue of a man fishing.

There are several coin inlaid in the fencing.  They used to make coins here (I don't believe they still do, but I could be wrong)

All for Norway :)

If you follow this river down you will eventually get to my job :)

Still on bridge :)

Ok I know it is hard to see but you can see those red roofs from the pics earlier on the other bridge sorta in the middle of the pic :)

Restaurant right after bridge on right side :)

Straight goes to the old center of Kongsberg, if you go right it will eventually get you back to where this tour started :)

Go this way to get back to my place.

Going up towards the old center.

The Kongsberg Kirke (church) is up on the right side.

This side road next to Kongsberg Kirke.

Kongsberg Kirke is behind all these trees.

Kongsberg Kirke, Lutheran church.  Did find out that the Catholic church has moved to Drammen (30 min away).  Guess there was no need for it here lol.

Next year (2011) is the 250 yr birthday of this church.  I believe there will be some kind of big celebration.

Kongsberg Rådhus, city hall :)

There are so many cute old buildings here :)

Pretty Methodist church towards back of this pic.

I will be back past the Methodist church on the way home :)

A lot of these older buildings have been converted into apts :)

I love the look of this building.  Part of it is a store that sells for people who ride horses.

Here is the Methodist Kirke again.  Starting to get tired so decided to start heading home.  There are still a lot of smaller streets I haven't explored yet :)

If I turn left here that would take me to work.  By going straight I go home :)

See way to work, at least the walk is beautiful :)

Instead heading this way for home :)  At the end of that orange house I turn right.

Turned right :)

Up ahead will take road towards right :)

Seriously still walking lol :)

If you go to the right this will take you back to the center.  Going left takes me home :)

If you turn left here and that this bike trail it will take you on to that bridge next to the train tracks over the river and back to the center of town :)

Nice view, can see a bit of the river :)

Look familiar?? Should since I walked this way at the beginning of this post :)

Can't help showing the view :)

I think after having lived in Houston for 15 yrs, make me appreciate all these beautiful views even more :)

Oh Thank God the Kiwi mart on right, means I'm close to home :)

Soccer field in front :)

Almost there :)

Yay home is at the top of this road!!!

This trip took almost 4 hrs.  Believe it or not I had more pics but they didn't come out right.  My iPhone held up well with listening to music and taking pics (over 200 of them).  Also was concluded that 3 hrs of flip-flops is ok, but close to 4 hrs is too much LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new home :)  I def enjoyed sharing it with you.

Anne-Kathrine :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your town. It is beautiful. They are lucky to have you there. Your should be on the city tourism committee. We miss you in Texas. Heat factor today is 114. I did get to meet your dear babies, they were well loved.
Love, Jody D

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm just exhausted after that long walk...I'm taking a nap!


Sue Westhead said...

OMG Can you say...MOTORIZED BICYCLE!! I am NOT a walker and that was some serious walking there! Town is gorgeous! Truly lovely. Love those old (300+ yr old) homes as long as they've been modernized inside with electricity and plumbing! I did warn you about laundromats in England, nice to see Norway is the same! LOL

yaddayaddayaddablahblahblah said...

Thanks for the photo tour! What a beautiful place :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh my!

What beaWOOtiful pikhs!

Thanks so furry much fur the tour!


Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Jody :) It really is a cute town to live in. Im really enjoying it a lot :) Thanks, all my babies were so special.

Bruce, lol honestly was exhausted after that. But I think it took longer to relabel, resize and upload the pics than the walk took LOL.

Thanks Sue :) Yep same here better have updated electric and plumbing or I don't want to live there LOL. Just about all apts have washer hookups here. Im getting my washer next month LOL.

Thanks Erin :) I enjoyed sharing it with everyone.

Thanks Khyra, we have the kind of winters you were bred for :) Will share pics when we get snow :)

Terri said...

Beautiful Town boy are you getting your exercise. Yes, I'd def get a Moped lol. Thanks for sharing your new Town with us. and I think I'd get some good walking shoes lol. Hugs.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Terri :) It was fun and great exercise which is what I want :) I want to get the rest of this weight off :)

Martha and Bailey said...

Lovely to get a glimpse into your new world.
It has to be said we were exhausted going the walk with you.
Flip flops are never great for long walks.
It looks nice and we like that there are so many cycle trails.
You are sounding more settled.
Martha and Bailey xxx

Marianne Arkins said...

It's gorgeous!! But my feet ache for you. Next time? Sneakers... lol.

Misalyn said...

Thanks for the tour. I like it. For a person like me who loves nature, I really appreciate those beautiful sceneries, the clouds, the blue sky, clean environment.

That was a good cardio exercise.

Melissa McClone said...

I'm getting caught up on my blog reading finally. Great tour. Thanks so much for sharing your town with us!!!! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Hey AK, I loved the pictures of your town & the buildings are so beautiful!!! Glad things seem to be looking up for you!!! Love the darker hair, you look beautiful. BOY THAT WALK MADE ME TIRED TOO!!! Miss you!!!
Jim says HI!!! Tell your sister Hello also. :)
Love ya, Amy & Jim

Anne-Kathrine said...

- Thanks Martha & Bailey. It was fun to do for sure and Im def settled in nicely :)

- Thank Marianne, def sneakers, been good since then :)

- Thanks Misalyn :) def good exercise I need to get out and walk but at least I've been taking the dogs out.

- Thanks Melissa. I think it took longer to download, resize and upload the pics than the walk itself LOL.

- Thank Amy & Jim, I totally miss you guys :) Needed a change with my hair lol.