Sunday, September 12, 2010

Toto and Dugan, puppysitting :)

See fall colors :)

Hi everyone,

It's a beautiful day here in Kongsberg.  Of course I'm inside on the computer. I think I'll head outside in a little while with the dogs :)

Love this tree soo cool :)

Fall is def here.  Temps are between 45F / 7C and 57 F / 14C.  The breeze can be kind cool.  It has been raining on and off but the sun does try to come out for a bit :)

Love the reds :)

Speaking of dogs.  I am puppysitting 2 cairn terrier boys.  They are both very sweet :) 

Dugan, 10 yr old cairn terrier boy :)

Toto, 11 yr old cairn terrier boy :)

They eat well and sleep well and they are very enthusiastic on walks lol.  I did discover that they don't like other dogs and def don't like cats lol.  This isn't a problem since I've dealt with both in the past.  Do I need to remind you Nanuchy, the queen of grouchiness who only like like 3 dogs in her life LOL.

Toto lol. that blackish thing is Dugan's destuffed stuffy that he loves :)

Dugan left, Toto right

Dugan left, Toto right

*** Disclamer: No cairn terrors were injured in the next pics lol, there was a great bit of of puppy wrestle mania and might have involved a bit of drool LOL, ahem the pics are sometimes blurry, blame it on not having a real camera, yes that is it LOL ***

Dugan back to camera :)

Toto left, Dugan right

What?? we weren't doing anything!

It's on LOL.

Toto showing it all LOL

Honestly Toto, no shame lol

Is somebody walking by???

Did you hear something??

Oh well probably nothing lol

They only played like that for about 5 min.  It didn't escalate into a fight or anything.  Dugan has a stuffy that has been completely destuffed, but he loves carrying around.  Toto has a blue ball.  They both bring them to me when they are all happy :)

See fog covering the mountain

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk around the neighborhood and I took some pics.  It was damp and rainy lol and the mountains were covered by fog.  It actually was pretty cool :)  We go out for 3 walks a day each averaging 20-40 min each :)

More fog action :)

Did you say walk??
Dugan front, Toto back

Toto left, Dugan right

Dugan had a haircut which explains why Toto has so much more hair :)

Which way should we go??

Ok this way
Dugan top, Toto bottom

They walk pretty well on leash once they get out their initial enthusiams lol.  Not to mention as long as there aren't other dogs around.  They are getting better about stopping the barking and lounging once I tell them to stop.  I did find they did try to go after eachother when they couldn't get to the dog. 

Toto smiling :)

I don't know what they would do if they actually reached the dogs (there are 3 in the neighborhood), but since I've dealt with this in the past I'm pretty on top of it making sure I see the dogs before they do so I can bring them close to me.

Dugan, are you coming?


Dugan left, Toto right

Awesome fog action

I love this last pic,  You def can't see the mountains at all :)  I'll have to get a pic that show same view with mountains included lol.



And this is what they are doing now lol.  Naptime all around :)  They def are good little dogs and it's great taking care of them.  The timing isn't right for me to get a puppy right now, so I get to have puppy love with out getting a dog :)



Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What pawesome pikhs!

We are furry jealous of the temps too!

How nice woo khan get your puppy fix with these two khuties!


Mango said...

We didn't need a disclaimer, just terriers being terriers, right?


Brandy said...

Aww, Toto and Dugan are adorable! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Marianne Arkins said...

Love the pix! I'm sure it's awesome to have some puppies to hang out with.

Anne-Kathrine said...

- Thanks Khyra :) I was def due for a puppyfix :). I think that is what has been hardest.

- Thanks Mango, and you are totally right LOL.

- Thanks Brandy, they are actually cuter in real life :)

- Thank Marianne. Puppy love makes everything worth while :)

Melissa McClone said...

So sweet! I love all the pics! Those puppies are so cute.

Sorry for not blog reading sooner. I finally got onto my google reader so I could catch up.