Monday, January 30, 2012

Hyttetur / Trip to the mountain cabin Jan 2012

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year.  Yes it has been that long since I posted *hangs head in shame* lol.

But to make up for it I'm going to share pics for a lovely weekend 4 girlfriends and I took to a beautiful cabin (ok full fledged house) up in the mountains in Veggli, Norway, which is about 1 1/2 hr from Kongsberg.  One of the girls has a lovely cabin up there.  Totally the way a cabin should be (if you ask me) with all the amenities of home :)  No cabin without electricity or indoor plumbing for me (yes I admit I'm a snob LOL)

It snowed quite a bit while we were there.  Not to cold so being outside was still fun :)

The girls from left to right; Karianne W., Eva, Tone Marie, and me :)

The girls from left to right: Karianne N. (hostess with the mostest lol), Eva, Tone Marie and moi :)

No diets involved this weekend lol.  Friday had a lovely dinner with mix of salad and lots of veggies, with chicken in tandoori seasoning, with bacon (hold the bacon for me lol) and a lovely sauce.

Me, you know I love my veggies and no not all those glasses of wine are mine lol

OMG this dessert, so rich so yummy.  Only needed a little piece and went wonderfully with freshly made coffee (from a good expresso maker none the less)

And what's dessert without a bit of Bailey's on the side??

And said Bailey's is def better with heart shaped ice :)

Centerpiece, love the colors :)

And since we are on the mountain, for a fun weekend.  What is more fun then sledding???  Honestly I haven't done this since 1993 and it was a total blast!!!

Tone Marie waiting for the action to start.

Karianne W., youngest of our group and full of energy :)

Both Kariannes :)

Karianne N on way up and Eva on way down

Tone Marie showing us how it is done

Karianne W: Who says you need a real sled? This is normally used to shovel snow :)

And here I come, watch out!!!!!

I'm one happy camper :) Soooo much fun, def been missing out :)

Karianne N. is tougher than me, head first downhill!!

Eva full speed ahead!!

Karianne N, cheering Tone Marie on!!

Eva def knows what she is doing :)

Me on left, Eva zooming by lol

Karianne W left and Tone Marie right, Happy girls :)

Karianne W giving the shovel another go (ok I'm sure that isn't what it is called but whatever lol)

4 of us making the trip up: Eva in the lead, followed by me, and tie between Karianne N and Tone Marie :)

Me: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Tone Marie styling the board :)

Me: snow angel :) in progress :)

Me still snow angeling lol

After all the sledding we decided to warm up with this outside fire feature :)

Same view different angle :)

Me :)

Isn't this cool!!!

Me warming up my hands, Eva in background, Karianne W in foreground :)

Eva and Karianne N. showing us what all this outdoor stuff is about :)

Karianne W and half hidden Tone Marie :)

I'm pretty happy, what a fun day :)

I'm sitting on the couch catching up on my reading, relaxing after being outside :)

Beautiful table setting for dinner on Saturday evening :)

The starter, scallops with asparagus

The main meal moose steak with veggies and potatoes and a creamy mushroom and onion sauce.

OK I didn't have moose, but had chicken instead.  Very yummy :)

Dessert (no pic, how is that possible!!!) was a cup of vanilla pudding (kesam) with cut up mango and crumbled cookies.  I was too full to eat mine :(

But one must pay for all the fun.  My knees were not happy with all the sledding and walking uphill
:(  But it was soooo worth it!!!

Thank god for all the snow outside, makes for perfect ice packs :)

Swollen knees (about 2x the size as usual) and the right knee was hot to the touch. Really should get cartilage behind the knees.  Bone rubbing against bone makes for a good conversations started lol.  People can hear me coming lol. At least I remembered to bring my meds with me :)

Sunday morning, yep I'm still a happy camper :) Knees were better (not great but better lol)

Tone Marie :)

It snowed a lot from Saturday to Sunday.  We had taken all the snow off the car on Saturday night :)

Take from front door :)

Next to the cabin, love the snow covered trees :)

Now this is my idea of a cabin in the mountains :)

We had to dig out the car lol

The kitchen is on this side of the cabin.

Winter wonderland :)

You can't even see the full railing with all the snow :)

There should be a railing here LOL

And this is were we had the outdoor fire feature the night before. Look at all that snow :)

It was a wonderful weekend.  Lots of fun, games, snow, sledding, food, and great company :)  I hope we are able to do something like this again :)


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Amazing! I'm glad you had such a fun time!!! :)
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