Friday, August 3, 2012

The huge update post lol :)

Snipp, the wonder pig :)
Hi everyone,

Yes I am alive and again trying to post on a regular basis (we will see what happens lol).

So lets see.

AK & Jostein

I have meet a wonderful guy, Jostein, and am totally in love <3 We met online of all things and just totally hit it off :)

Jostein, look at that handsome guy <3

We have now been together 4 months and I moved in to his house in Berger, Norway, well lets say it didn't take too long lol.  Only bummer is that I now have a bit more than 1 hr drive to work but that is ok lol.

Oh lookie, I managed to find me a cowboy in Norway :)  

Yes I am a cowgirl, look at my new boots :)

We took a trip to Houston in June, so that Jostein could meet my family (talk about taking a long trip to meet the parents lol).  It went very well :)

My birthday lunch :)

My birthday dinner after getting my new tattoo.

I danced classic ballet for 16 yrs.  Miss dancing a lot.  Def a great birthday present from Jostein :)

Lucky enough my beautiful nephew was born a few days before we arrived in Houston :)

Proud Auntie with Christopher :)

Back in Berger we have been busy doing things around the house :)

The brown part of the house is ours.

Here will be my future parking space so that we don't need to play musical cars all the time.

The front door is actually upstairs.  Sand down at the bottom is from work being done around here putting in fiber cables so we get even faster internet connection.  All the wood planks will transform into a shed for the backyard soon :)

Jostein and I set up that fence a couple of days ago to give us some privacy in the backyard.

I am proud of our fence :)

Backyard pic taken from balcony.  Standing next grill :)  There is more yard behind those things.

The view from our front door :)

Close up of the water :)


This is Snipp, our Canadian Minipig.  He is 1 1/2 yrs old.  He is housebroken (uses a litterbox) and has free range of the house and balcony when we are home.  He gets put in his crated area to keep him out of trouble when we aren't home lol.


This is Boxer a domestic shorthaired cat.  He is almost 3 yrs old.  Total sweetie and loves to cuddle :)


Snipp & Boxer

Snipp and Boxer are best buddies :)  You can see how small Snipp is when he is next to Boxer who really isn't a big cat at all lol.  Snipp is fully grown so he won't get any bigger :)

When the weather is nice they eat their meals outside together :)

Boxer needs to have his bowl higher than Snipp, or Snipp will eat it all in a heartbeat lol.


Oh yes a pig on the move lol.

As you may remember I bought this 1998 Mercedes C180 last year.

It has gotten a new hood since the old one was full of rust.  Well driving 800 km / 500 miles a week this car isn't ideal since I had to fill up every 4 days (and at almost $10 per gallon yikes).  It just wasn't working for me anymore :)


I bought this beauty instead :)  It is a 1998 Volkswagen Passat, automatic, diesel.  Total gas sipper (ahem diesel sipper lol).  Very comfortable ride overall.

There is place in the back for the crate for the puppy and place in the back seat for Jostein's son and his friends since he is very active and plays both basketball and soccer.  We are thinking of getting a double crate since there is place so that we can easily take the puppy and Snipp on outings :)

I will do a separate post on the puppy since this post ended up longer than planned lol.  She was born July 29th.  4 girls and 3 boys :) Mama and puppies are doing great :)



Anonymous said...

Looks lovely AK! So happy things are moving along for you so well. New furbabies, new home, new guy :-) Not necessarily in that order of course.


Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Peggy :) I am very happy :) So many good things have been happening lately :)

Sue Westhead said...

Everything looks great! So very happy for you all.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Sue :)