Saturday, August 11, 2012

Snipp's Svelvikdagene :)

Hi everyone :)

Yes you see it right I am posting again :)

This weekend Svelvik has what is call Svelvikdagene where they close of the main street and set up booths and the town band plays music.  Jostein and I decided to come down on Saturday and brought Snipp with us.  To say he was a huge hit is an understatement :)

Snipp enjoyed himself immensely saying hi to the kids whom he totally love

As well as adults :)

Jostein had to pick Snipp up a couple of times due to having too many people around.  He didn't even mind being picked up since he was having so much fun :)

Svelvik band

And dogs loved meeting him :)  Mostly were fascinated with him

Cute little thing isn't he :)

All different types of dogs

Yes Snipp def caters to the little ones :)

This one really wasn't sure what Snipp is lol.  She does say hi to him later on the walk.

This one decided it was better to stay safe with his owner lol

This little one loved Snipp.

Snipp love meeting people not to mention try eating all the crumbs he could find on the ground.

Cute poodle making friends

I told Snipp to take a close look because he would be getting a big black one like that soon :)

Look at that tail go.  He wags it like a dog does :)

See he is even sitting pretty for attention (yes that is as close to a sit a minipig can do without something soft under him :) )

See she decided Snipp wasn't so scary at this point.

French bulldog boy really couldn't figure out what Snipp was :)

This dog was very brave when Snipp didn't look at him but as soon as Snipp looked at him, he would jump back lol.

Tail still a-wagging lol

Snipp and Jostein enjoying their walk

Overall a great day.  Snipp was a perfect ambassador of Canadian Minipigs :)  And we really enjoyed taking him with us.  We can't wait for our puppy to come because she def will be out on adventures with her big brother Snipp :)

Snipp has been sleeping since we got home :)  He is currently wrapped burrito style in a blanket on the couch next to me :)



Terri said...

how cute !!!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Terri :) We are pretty attached to him :)