Saturday, September 22, 2012

Introducing Sassy

Hi everyone :)

The moment has finally come.  Introducing "Ankaru's Full O' Herself" AKA "Sassy"

Sassy is an almost 8 week old Standard Poodle and comes from Kennel Ankaru owned by Rune & Anne Karin Helleberg :)  We were lucky enough that Anne let us get one of her show prospect puppies.
Liselle is the mama and Aaron is the daddy.  Sassy was 1 of 7 puppies (4 females & 3 males).

We brought her home last night.  She got to meet Snipp (minipig) and Boxer (cat).  And overall it went very well.

She wasn't quite sure what to make of Snipp.  He was making a lot of noise since he had been home alone most of the day :)

We have found already that she is very curious by nature and if she isn't sure of something she sits and watches.  If it really seems scary standing by Jostein or me def makes her feel braver :)

I'm giving out some treats to make the introduction go smoother.  Snipp's area is actually open so he could come out on his own accord.

Snipp on the hunt for food lol

Snipp also needs a bit of reassurance :)

Sassy so curious :)


Sassy watching Snipp walk by.

Boxer decided to come in and visit with the new arrival.  When I was outside with Sassy, Boxer sat on the stairs watching her.  So far all is good :)

Sassy and Boxer

Snipp and Boxer the 2 buddies.  Hope they will allow Sassy to join their gang :)


Sassy playing with Jostein

She found that Jostein at almost 2 meters / 6'4" is much more her size when he got on the floor with her.

What you can't see is that her tail is wagging the whole time :)

Kisses :)

I think it might be love :)

See I can climb :)

Snipp didn't want to miss out on the fun

Ok the red eyes is a bit much, but I swear Snipp isn't evil lol

Taking a break from playing with dad to check out stuff

Boxer watching what is going on :)

Snipp likes to lean in :)

Sassy likes to play

I took these pics this morning.  I need to def get down on the floor to be able to see her face more :)

Sassy def is pretty

Instead of looking up she comes up to me lol

What is Snipp doing?

I'm sitting on couch and she really would love to come up

Speaking of Snipp he wants up as well (where he is now sleeping actually)

Took this with my phone

Sassy taking a nap after a full morning :)

I took this pic of Snipp a couple of weeks ago.  I was changing the bed and he decided to make himself comfy among the pillows and comforters :)

I'm so happy to have Sassy here with us. I think she is a wonderful addition to the family.  I figure that Boxer and Snipp will get used to her in now time.  Amazing how treats can help :)

There will be a lot more pics coming as she gets settled in.



Anonymous said...

Adorable! All of them (including J)


Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Peggy :) I'm pretty partial to all of them :)

Anonymous said...

Aw congratulations on the newest addition Ms Sassy<3!!! She's adorable! I am sure all the three babies will get along nicely!!! Thanks for sharing!
<3U Lots!
Your Sis and Doodle

Jackie said...

That pig!!! LOL so cute!! And the baby girly poodle... to die for. What a doll baby! Congrats A-K!! Woot!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Sis :) I hope so as well :) She is the full energy today :)

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Jackie :) It def makes for interesting life for sure :)