Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sassy - 8 weeks old - Sept 23 2012

Sassy - 8 weeks old

Hi Everyone,

Well I have totally sucked at posting since Sassy got home. I have gotten pics but not been good at getting the pics up.  If we are friends on facebook then you have seem most of these already.

I will post several posts with pics which have been taken since she got home.  Hopefully next year I will be much better at posting on a regular basis lol.

Such a cute little thing, fast asleep.  Notice her duck still has it's head attached :)

She was the same size as Snipp when she came home :)

I noticed I really need to lighten most of her pics lol.

Snipp compared to Sassy

Snipp such a cute little piggy :)

Yes there are mostly pics of her sleeping.

Cute little thing :)


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