Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy 2014 - Sassy grooming, taking on scissoring :)

Sassy's grooming station

Well as usual it has been forever since I blogged.  And as usual I hope to do better :)

Motivation for grooming

Well I decided to do some research and realized I have been shaving too much fur of Sassy's face, neck, feet and tail. Opps lol.  Sooo I decided since those areas have to grow out then I may as well practice some scissoring :)  She is also missing a chuck of hair on her left front leg since she had surgery on her eyes in Dec.  Will post those pics in another post.

I had already cleaned Sassy's ears, shaved face, feet, tail and tummy.  Trimmed nails and brushed all the knots :)

One wet pupper lol.  She really loves water but hates getting a bath.

A lot thinner when wet lol.

Sassy really doesn't like the blow dryer lol.  Love hands free.  I brush her fur as it dries to straighten it out :)

Voila one puffy and dry dog LOL.

1 1/2 hr later I have her topknot in, scissored her all over lol. I see her ears are still uneven sigh lol

I know there is a lot of uneven spots but that will be fixed next time (I hope lol)

Sassy is ready to get off the table.  Total grooming time almost 6 hrs, which 1 1/2 was scissoring :)

This is about 2/3 of the fur that was removed lol.

Sassy looks elegant in her bed :)

Snipp is in his pen (which is open) he is hoping to get grapes :)

I have a long way to go with scissoring but it is a fun learning process.  Sassy is almost 18 months old :)

Sassy loves her mama :)


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Anonymous said...

You really have a great grooming set-up there and I think Sassy looks wonderful, but you look even better! You have really trimmed down! Don't lose too much or your wedding dress will be too big!