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Boxer - 21 Aug 2009 - 16 Dec 2013

Boxer 21 Aug 2009 - 16 Dec 2013

Hi everyone,

Yes it has been months since I blogged.  It has been a busy year so far.  It is only 12 days to the wedding, but that is for another post.

I have been wanting to write this post since Boxer, our sweet cat, passed away.

Boxer was just a regular domestic short haired cat.  One of the sweetest boys around.  He was not a big cat at all and had been mistaken for a female on more than one occasion lol.

Snipp, our canadian minipig, and Boxer were best friends.  Boxer was older than Snipp by a few months.

 Boxer had beautiful markings.  Half the time you looked at him, he would start purring.

  Boxer was playing with Snipp.  Snipp really doesn't understand playing lol.  But he loved his buddy.

When the weather was nice then they out outside together.  Boxer's food is on the table since Snipp would eat it if given a chance lol.

 Boxer was Jostein's cat before we got together.  Both very handsome guys :)

He was a lap cat, but only for Jostein,  he hardly ever lay on my lap :)

Snipp and Boxer are napping on Jostein's lap after Boxer got neutered.

Then we got Sassy.  Sassy thought Boxer was great :) She wanted to play with him.  He was very patient with her :) At the time Boxer was an indoor-outdoor cat and would go on walks with us when we took Sassy out for walks.

Boxer is under out bed.  One of our former neighbors had decided to keep him for 1 month.  We talked to all the neighbors and no one had seen him.  When they had their cat checked by their vet they scanned Boxer and found out he was micro-chipped and that he was ours.  After a long story that didn't make a lot of sense we got Boxer back.  He was so happy to see us.  We then decided that he was going to only be an indoor cat.

Boxer liked to drape himself over the arm rest. Best way to nap :)

 Need to move around a little to get best seat in the house :)

He was very patient with Sassy who soooo wanted to play.

They even decided to lie on the couch together :)

 But the best buddies in the word were def Boxer and Snipp :)

Snipp actually ended up on the couch as well with Jostein.  But didn't get that pic lol

When Jostein and I bought our new house then Boxer was thrilled to find new places to nap in.  The house was in chaos for a while lol.

Boxer and Sassy even would lie in the kitchen together looking cute in hopes of getting something yummy :)

This is my favorite of all 3 kids.  They were hoping Jostein would give them something yummy. You can see how small Boxer and Snipp are compared to Sassy who is a standard poodle.

Unfortunately at the beginning of Nov 2013 we noticed that Boxer was getting thinner and he had several accidents outside his litterbox.  I had mentioned to our previous that he peed a lot for a cat who ate canned and dry food.  She pretty much brushed me off I guess thinking I was being dramatic.

I knew something was wrong so found a new vet and brought Boxer in.  Boxer became a huge hit at the vets at once.  He was sweet, would purr, they could handle him no problems.  

Unfortunately he was very sick cat.  He was diagnosed with kidney failure, auto-immune disease (his own body was attacking his red blood cells) and possible FIP.  None of my pets have ever done anything half way.

We did try to get a family pic with the pets.  Me with Sassy, Jostein with Snipp, and SR with Boxer.  It would have gone better had Snipp not been screaming and acting up the whole time lol.

Boxer preferred to sleep in SR's room since it was the one room Sassy couldn't get into to lick his ears lol.

For 6 weeks we were able to keep the auto-immune disease and kidney failure under control.  He did very well for that time.  These family pics were taken the day before we had to let him go because he crashed.

I'm so happy we got these pics with Boxer.  He was such as sweet boy.  He was only 4 yrs old when we had to let him go to the rainbow bridge.

Fly high Boxer, we love you.


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Great pictures and a wonderful tribute to a lovely cat.