Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pics from the honeymoon

Hi everyone,

Since it is snowing  outside I thought it would be nice to see pics from sunny Turkey   There are a lot of pics.  We actually took a lot more than what is posted here lol.

Pic taken from the plane on our flight in Antalya Airport.

Oh but before that...

Decided that enough with all the hair. Need to be comfortable for the honeymoon.  Nice and warm in Turkey at the end of June.

Yes we brought SR with us   We had promised him he would come with us on our next trip since he wasn't able to come with us on the 2 trips to USA 

We stayed at the Hotel Alba Queen in Side, Turkey.
7 night stay and soooo worth it  

This was taken from our room.  SR has his own room 1 floor up, which turned out to be bigger than ours  

There was plenty to do here, including these slides 

There was a stage on the left and nice outside bar and restaurant  on the right. 

Kiddie pool on the left

Pic taken from our balcony, the beach is that close!

All the carvings were so fun and well done!

I was feeling happy and relaxed.

My handsome husband  

The happy couple 

Buffet offered 3 times a day, and the food was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good lol.

We were sitting out listening to music. 

Our rooms were up there. I actually took it easy and read I think it was 12 books on this trip lol.

The grounds were beautiful and well kept.

Boys ready for breakfast. 

Did I mention there was a lot of food!! 

Family pic 

Jostein and SR outside the hotel.

Jostein and me 

Chandelier in the lobby

We def took advantage of the pool   We went to the beach as well. 

During the day SR for the most part was off doing his own thing including playing soccer which is is sooo good at! 

We had 1 formal dinner.  It was good and loved that we could eat outside with a view of the pool.

There was a gaming room with pool and even bowling. Fun way to pass the evening.

Love is in the air 

We did have fun 

This is the lobby, there was bling and light 

Yes there was an ice cream bar 

Cafes, one of them is for members.

The hotel next door is also from the same chain but had age limit 
16+ which if we went back would probably go to that one instead.

All food and drinks were included in the stay.  That includes alcohol as long as you used the local brands which tasted good.

This was the cafe on the way to the beach.  We had lunch there several times and enjoyed it.  The staff on the whole hotel were wonderful! 

Nice sitting on the terrace eating lunch.

They had these juice / water / soda stations all over the place. Very important to stay hydrated.  I must admit I couldn't understand the people who spent the whole day drinking alcohol by the pool lol.  I just wanted something fresh. 

41C / 106F

43% humidity.  We all loved the wonderful weather and temps 

The boys played table tennis.  I mostly took pics and videos lol.

This guy made the best mixed drinks.  We let him decide what to make as long as it didn't include strawberries (for me) or kiwi (for Jostein) 

We took only 1 day trip to a close town which had lots of fun shops.

Look there was a tortoise  So darn cute 

Lunch was a success!

We got one of those packet of pics taken at the hotel. Kinda fun to do.

This is 1 of my favorite pics. I printed it out and put in silver frame and gave it to Jostein.


At home Marianne and Atle took care of Sassy and Snipp for us so we didn't need to worry about them.  They did a great job and both pets loved them.


Hope you enjoyed all the pics. I have several things I want to blog about so will blog more often. I'm at home on sick leave anyway lol.


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