Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bring on the party :)

Hi everyone,

Yes you can believe it another post!  Nothing like being home on sick leave to really have time to take care of things lol.

While we were having our pics taken our family and friends went over to the reception hall.  The decorations on the railings were brought over from the church.  This was a red carpet event you know 

Same decorations inside which I made as well 

The tables were covered with material we bought from Stoff & Stil (kinda like Joann's).

The tables were set up as an E so that we were able to seat everyone.  The DJ was set up on the stage behind that tables. On the right side of the DJ the presents table was set up.

The 1st table on the left was set up for the welcome drinks that Jostein made.  Both with and without alcohol.  Piano in the corner.  

This is to the right of the piano.  The book for signing was set here 

We had a snack station set up by the entrance since we were having our pics taken and honestly know people could use a snack 

Family and friends are gathering in the reception hall.

We had tags for the glasses since we had a limited nr of glasses.

The toast bell. Wasn't exactly easy to hear but Jostein's voice carries so no problem lol.  Jostein gave a great speech which even involved slides with pics.  Yes I'm not the only nerd in the family 

The set up with placement tag.  This is my setting so the napkins have the pink napkin holder.

The center piece bouquet 

We had big pieces of bling on all the tables. 

Elisabeth gave us these king and queen salt and pepper shakers 

Yes I have a husband who was totally ok with the colors hot pink, black, and silver/bling for the wedding :)

Lucie & Even lent us these adorable candle holders!

Our meal was set up buffet style.  Lots of yummy food.  We were so lucky we had help making all this.

Yes there were some leftovers lol.

Here is the desserts set up.

Our wedding cake was made by Stine Kristofferesen.  Chocolate cake with 3 different fillings.  Raspberry, oreo cookie, and banana (which I think was the best one!)

Not only was it delicious but sooo beautiful.

I love how she was able to include our wedding colors.

Here we come after our pics.  We drove Jostein's parents' car.

I still love how the dress has layers without being heavy.

Yes I'm wearing flip-flops with bling on them lol.  I had a pair of lower heeled silver shoes but they were inside lol.

Stine Mette brought us our welcome drink.  She is the one who made sure everything was taken care of as far as food and service etc.  I def would recommend having her since she did a great job and I didn't have to worry about a thing.  Just ask Jostein how good I'm at worrying lol.


I think we look pretty happy 

Pål (J's bro) and Jostein.  Jostein made the sign.  Pål pointed out that it doesn't say "newly wed" but "new poison" lol.  It should have been in 1 word 

Walking into the reception hall.

Every time the guests clapped and chimed against the wine glasses we had to stand up and kiss.

We were even sent under the table a couple of times.

Crazy Norwegians and their funny ideas!

This is a happy face 

Me and my handsome dad 

My sister and my dad 

My sister and my mom 

My mom and me 

My sister, my mom and me.  Ubberud girls 

Me and my sister.  It was pretty warm in the hall even with the windows open.

My parents 

My dad and my father-in-law, handsome pair aren't they 
They both gave wonderful speeches.

My mother- and father-in-law 

My hubby using the camera to get fun shots.

I had told Jostein I loved this dress and he had ordered as a present for me. So I changed into it since I was sooo warm lol.

My brother- and sister-in-law

My best friend Margaret, me and my sister, Madeleine.  We all get along like a house on fire 

I like the detail on the top of the dress 

Here we are walking in for our dance.

1st dance as a married couple 

We def are happy 

Almost time to cut the cake!

Cake cutting time!

We promised we would not smear cake in each other's faces!  I spent way too much time at the hairdresser getting my hair and makeup done to get it covered in cake!

There is one song there all the girls dance together.

And another for just they guys!

Here is the outside of the thank you card that I made.

And here is the inside.  Of the immediate family we made DVD's with all the pics and videos.  Jonny did a wonderful job filming for us.


We have a lot more pics of all the guests but wasn't sure who would like to be on the blog and who didn't.  So there may be another one coming if I get requests.


We had such a wonderful day with our families and friends. We are so blessed everyone wanted to be part of our very special day 
Marianne and Atle were nice enough to take care of Sassy and Snipp for the day so I didn't have to worry about them 


Next post will be with pics from our honeymoon in Turkey.


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