Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The House, The Fields, The Puppy Power :)

Spiffy new rubber boots :)

Hi everyone :)

I had planned to blog yesterday after work but as you know what they say about the best laid plans lol.  Anyway, we finally got internet out at the farm :)  So very excited about this.  I'm actually working on this on my personal laptop after work lol.  WARNING: there are a lot of pics in the blog post :)

She really likes to carry something when she goes for walks.  Reminds me of Patachou :)

Last Friday and Saturday we actually had a good amount of sun so I was able to take pics of the area around our house.  And I was lucky enough to have Venus (see Puppy Weekend Fun about her) stay with us.  I really enjoyed having her here.  I swear there is nothing more fun that going on a walk with an enthusiastic puppy :)  She seems to like to keep me in sight and would follow me even if Riku and/or Melanie were there.  She even cried when I left her inside when I went to hang up laundry :)  There might have been a couple of instances of puppy sleeping on the couch and puppy sleeping on the bed.  But since there are no pics we are denying it!!!

View from the house seen on the right side.

The house is surrounded by fields.

Barn across from house (small red building garage) which is empty of any animals :(

Need to taste the fresh grass.  There are several apple trees as you can see evidence of fallen apples lol.

The House (white), Garage (small red), Barn (big red)

I believe it is wheat that is grown on this field (but don't quote me lol)

Venus is always up for an adventure :)

Can you believe the blue skies!!!

There is actually a farm to the left of this pic.  They own a horse and 2 ponies!!

Very curious about the field

Wonder what that is?

This pic and the next 9 pics I'm standing in place and just turning taking a 360 degree turn.

Neighbor's barn

Neighbors 2 barns

Neighbor's barn, our house, our barn (ok owner's barn lol)



Hmmm this one ended up a bit sideways LOL

Here is the river which is at the bottom of the property.

Not exactly sure where the beach is along the river since the water is so high.

Curious about what is in the distance.

Hmm wonder what is all the way over there??

Will have to make the round to get there.

Very busy puppy :)

Beavers live around here :) 

Beautiful view!!!

What is that noise?

She is good about sitting down and observing.

Birds heading south

I believe they are geese, but I really don't know much about birds.

Auntie they are honking!

May as well continue on our walk.

Another view of the river :)

I'm impressed how many times I caught her looking at me :)

These didn't come out too clear :(

A beautiful and 2 adorable ponies.  This is what was in the pic that above Venus was curious about what was in the distance!

Not the clearest pic.  I have put a SLR camera on my wishlist :)

What are those???

The horse couldn't care less about us lol.

While the larger of the ponies was def curious to have a closer look :)

She didn't bark or while, just very focused :)  Looked back at me a couple of times to make sure all was ok :)

He/she is very curious!

Kept coming closer :)

Venus decided that about 10 ft away was as close as she wanted to be to the pony lol. He/she really wasn't too much bigger than Venus lol.

Wait!! I just wanted to say hello!!

Going for a walk is really hard work :) 

We were out about 1 hr on this walk.  Venus was very curious and really reacted well to the horse and especially to the curious pony :)

Venus really had a full day.  Not only did she go for a long walk (and several smaller ones), she also went on a car ride to the car supply place so we could replace a part.  She was happy to say hello to everyone.  She then helped Riku work on my car while we went grocery shopping.  There were a couple of shorter naps in there, and not to mention several good play sessions with her toys.

Overall an awesome day lol.

Sunday was much quieter lol.  It rained a lot so there were several walks in the rain which she liked.  She kept licking the rain off the leaves lol.  And again several good play sessions before going home :)



Anonymous said...

:) Sounds like you both had an awesome time! What a beautiful place :)
Ty 4 sharing Love & (hugs)
-Your Brat-

Crazy Lady said...

What a lovely area you live in, so nice and peaceful! Thanks for sharing this little bit of your green world with this little desert rat. :)

Anne-Kathrine said...

- Thanks sis :) Did have fun and hope to have her again soon so I can have puppy fun :) lol
Love ya :)

- Thanks C lady :) Green we got lots of, water too LOL. The sun is trying to come out today too :)
Take care hon :)

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Such pretty pictures! and a great place for a puppy to explore!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Kirsten :) I hope that Venus gets to visit again soon :)

~Rosie~ said...

Hi Anne Kathrine!
Thanks for visiting Orah's blog.
Aren't Shelties and Rotties together just the best?
I love your pups. They're cute :)
Nice meeting you!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Rosie for stopping by :) I miss having a dog and hope to get a puppy next year :) The 4 fish and bunny (which actually belongs to my housemates) isn't quite cutting it LOL :)

Hope to see more posts from you :)

rottrover said...

Hi Anne-Katherine... Thanks for stopping by to visit and leave me good wishes. Your Patachou was a gorgeous fellow!! Please come back to visit whenever you feel you need a "rottie fix."

-Gizmo (and Bart and Ruby)