Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Puppy weekend fun!!

Venus 15 weeks old

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Here we had both rain and sunshine which was a nice change lol.  Started Saturday with marathon shopping at Bauhaus (like Home Depot and Lowe's) and Ikea :)  A few thousand Norwegian Krones (several hundred dollars) later we brought our haul home lol.  I'm sooo happy to have a big car.  Was able to fit everything in even had place for more lol.

I really need to grow into these ears lol

After that I went to Prestfoss to visit Tone and Toril and their adorable puppy Venus.  Venus is 15 weeks old Groenendael which in the USA is named Belgian Sheepdog.  Be aware there is a overload of cute puppy pics to follow :)

Rare pic of her standing still :)

I had brought over a couple of toys from Houston for her. 

The red dog my sis got for her and I got her the cow which mooooos when bitten just right :)  I have found that most puppies (and even older dogs) love these 2 toys :)

It didn't take her long to decided that these new toys were going to be a lot of fun.  It isn't like she didn't have any toys before lol.

Little nibble on the tail.

Trying to get a firm grasp

It didn't take her long to figure out how to make the cow moooooo continiously lol.  I took a couple of videos but they are sooo dark you can't see anything but you can hear the none stop moooing lol.

She enjoyed having someone to hold the cow while playing tug :)

Crazy eyes lol and no ears lol

See I'm working on my bite work!!

Legs are fair game!!

Nom nom nom




Alien puppy lol

Just wait until I'm bigger I will be able to fit the whole cow in my mouth lol.

The red dog is actually better for tug lol, see my shiny teeth!!

Oppsss got a bit close lol

Wait is someone in the kitchen???

False alarm, I'm back :)

Ohh more time to play with my new toys

I can totally play on my own too!!

2 toys at once :) I must be a Gemini like my auntie lol

I'm going to get you!!



OK time for a potty break :)

Not sure why the colors came out this way with these pics.  It wasn't like it was sunny yet lol.

Out for a walk!

This is who she was watching with such consentration. Chanse :)

To say the 3 cats are less than impressed with Venus may be a bit of an understatement LOL.  But on leash Venus was able to get closer to Chanse without him getting upset.  He way lying on a bench and instead of walking head on to him I walked paralelle to him back and forth getting closer each time.  As long as she was calm we got closer.  When we reached her limit we moved back again.  She really did great overall!  So that was good progress.  I bet before long they all will get along great!

I like to study things by sitting perfectly!

Oh I just wished Chanse would play with me!!

Would be nice if she would face the camera for more than 2 sec so I could get some pics lol.

Time for a nap after the playing and potty break

I'm pretty sure the kitchen is my favorite room!!

Wait did someone open the dishwasher???  I'm very good at prewashing!!!

After a good nap need to run and stretch your legs!

See mama Toril, I was just waiting for you!

See blue skies!!!!!

Oh I got a bit ahead

Wait for me, I'm coming!!

See all that fun mud to play in!

What are those?????

See me run!!!

I'm not sooo sure about this!

She actually ended up touching it and realizing it was ok :)

Buttshot, not as cute as a rottie butt but cute none the less :)

Oh enpty water bottle

Home and about ready for another nap!

One of the few pics I got of her actually facing the camera

I had a lovely weekend visiting with Tone and Toril and a friend of theirs.  And of course playing with Venus was wonderful.  I soooo miss having a dog and the puppy fever is running strong.  But waiting for now.  At least I get to be auntie to Venus :)

I'm lucky enough I get to puppysit Venus all next weekend.  I'm picking her up on Friday after work :)  I'm sure we will find things to do to entertain ourselves.  And as you probably have guessed there will be more pics!!!



Qwill said...

She's beautiful! Thanks for sharing her with us! Hugs.

Marianne Arkins said...

What a cutie!!! :-)

Brandy said...

Awww, Venus is adorable!

yaddayaddayaddablahblahblah said...

She's so cute! I can see why you want one :)

Anne-Kathrine said...

- Thanks Qwill, she is so much fun :)

- Thanks Marianne, I'm pretty sure she knows how cute she is LOL.

- Thanks Brandy, I'm kinda partial to her too :)

- Thanks Erin, she is adorable but I don't actually want that breed of dog :) I'll have my hands full taking care of her from time to time LOL.