Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm back :) I moved and other news :)

Hi everyone :)

Soooo sorry for the long absence from the blogger world.  I've been very very bad about not only writing a blog post but reading others *hangs head in shame*.

But I hope to change this.  I need better internet at home otherwise I have to bring my laptop to work and it do it after working hours.

Anyway :) I moved into a house with 2 friends, Melanie who is originally from Germany, and Riku who is originally from Finland.  The house is in Skollenborg about 15 min from Kongsberg where I work.  It is on a farm (no farm animals darn lol).  Nice and quiet out in the country.  Lots of farm land around with a population of around 300 or soo lol.  Kongsberg is huge compared to Skollenborg lol.

I decided that my room needed to be repainted!!  Yeah my eyes got kinda cross-eyed too.  This is a nice sized room but with 2 bloody mary reds on the walls it made the room very dark and blah lol.

Can't tell by that is a small wood burning heating oven :)

I have a whole wall of closet space woot :)

Those curtains have come down but not mine up yet :)

I decided this light purple would look better on those walls against the wood walls and floors.

A bit like this:

And like this:

And viewed from doorway:

Hopefully my curtains will go up today :)

This is our sorta garage lol.  My car actually is too long to fit in lol.  But that is ok lol.

My new car being worked on :)

My new car 1998 Mercedes-Benz C-180 stationwagon.  It needs some work lol.

Getting new back brakes.

Riku my handy dandy mechanic and one of my housemates :)

Trying to derust this poor tire.

Everything is rusted.  Looking forward to new shiny brakes :)

Riku had a hard time getting everything taken apart due to all the rust.

Now broken down until several parts.

This is what the brake pad looked like lol.

This is a brand new one. LOL quite a difference :)

Ohhh look at the shiny :) (see 4 pics up lol)

Being put back together :)

I did learn a lot watching Riku put taking apart and putting the brakes back together :)

See all better again :)  See it is still shiny.  Wonder how long that lasts lol.

The front brakes need to be changed too.  They weren't as far gone.  So should be easier to work on.  Already the bulbs have been changed.  Some other stuff needs to be done including washing and vaccum cleaning.  Well considering how much rain is involved you would think it would be totally clean lol.

I want to take pics of the house and area close by, including the river and the beach we have (which is under water at this point lol). 

Hope you enjoyed pics.  Will post again soon :)



Sue Westhead said...

Glad Riku is so darn handy! And the light purple is MUCH better than the blood red.

Anne-Kathrine said...

LOL thanks Sue. Yeah he is pretty good with cars and doing stuff around the house :)

Bruce Baker said...

Much better wall color. How nice that you have a mechanic in the house too. Glad you learned something from the brake job, all I learned was the need for a professional mechanic in my life! Cute car though!

Basset Human Slave! said...

Nice to see you back blogging - I have given up but still enjoy looking in on all our blogging buddies from time to time.
Your new home looks very nice and you did well with the paint choice - it looks very pleasant and restful.
I am so envious that you have have a mechanic in the house - I have always thought how wonderful that would be but make do with the AA.
Looking forward to reading how you get on.
love from us all, bassets and human xx

Anonymous said...

Hi A-K! i LOVE the purple! and i have to say, i sure hope you were not driving the car like it was before Riku got his hands on it! hope you all get settled in quickly, and can get back to a sense of normalcy!


Anne-Kathrine said...

- Thanks Bruce. Def handy to have Riku around. Especially since it is sooooo expensive here and this brake job would have cost me a small fortune!! The parts alone cost $360! for just the back brake stuff!!

- Thanks Basset Human Slave :) I miss hearing about everyone too. I haven't been on facebook as much either so really dont have a clue what is going on. Miss hearing about the girls adventures :) I hope to be able to blog on a regular basis now :)

- Thanks Stephanie :) Well actually I did *ducking* lol I drove with it for about 10 days. Was very very careful since the brakes really were worn down. It is great being away from all the students :)

Jen B said...

OMG thank goodness you got those brakes *cough*steal pads~ replaced!!! Nice to have such helpful housemate! I like the purple with the light wall too! Great choice. It sounds like all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

A-K beautiful colour choices :-) and such a good idea to have a mechanic in the house. Glad that everything's coming together for you!


Brandy said...

Glad to see you made a good move Anne-Katherine. Hope this one suits you. Yikes on the brakes!

Have a great week!

Anita96734 said...

Yea! So glad to see you will have safe transporation - how good are you with chains? snow tires? or please take the bus at the first snow. Missing fall in Kongsberg.

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Anne-Kathrine said...

- Thanks Jen B. Things have really fallen into place nicely. What a difference having a car over taking the bus makes :)

- Thanks Peggy. I def had to change my bedroom color. Would be way to hard to wake up to that everyday lol.

- Thanks Brandy :) Yeah it was scary driving with those bad brakes. But all is good now :)

- Thank Anita :) I have both winter and summer tires. They are pretty good about keeping the roads ok here in winter. I haven't used chains before but will get some just in case. I prefer not to take the bus due to limited times it runs to and from my place :)