Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sassy - 10 weeks - Oct 5/6 2012

Sassy is 10 weeks old and very curious :)

Sassy finds Boxer (cat) totally fascinating :)

Come on.... I just want to play....

So I went to the hairdress to get my hair lightened up and came out with red hair LOL :)

Me and Sassy :) She was a little thing still :)

So Sassy got her 1st bath at home :)

She didn't enjoy it too much :)

Let me out :)

So tiny and skinny

One paw

Back paws

And face

Cute little face

I really really want out!!

All wrapped up

Maybe if I look the other way I can get out of here.

Yes she does manage to looks sarcastic :)

Bath really..... lol

Sassy is still not convinced

OK mama I still love you :)

Still wet

Save me!!!!

And to make matters worse there was a hairdryer involved

I really don't want to look at the camera

Maybe if I don't make eye contact I can get out of here :)

OK sorta side view lol

Daddy save me!!!! lol

Sassy did survive her bath and several more since then :)


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