Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sassy - 9 weeks old - Oct 1 and.......

Before showing pics of Sassy :) I wanted to show the beautiful engagement ring Jostein gave me :) He proposed on Oct 1st, 2012. We went out to eat at Big Horn Steak House in Drammen. Had a lovely dinner.  He arranged for the waitress to bring out a dessert shaped in a form of a heart with the ring box on the plate.  I forgot to take a pic in my excitement :)

I couldn't be happier :) We are thinking of getting married in Summer 2014 :) Looking forward to planning the wedding :)

Sassy - 9 weeks old 

When Sassy 1st got home the weather was kinda cold so she got to borrow Snipp's outfit :)

You know I'm totally adorable :)


Baby Jaws

I'm sooo having fun

I love my ducky

Arrrggggg lol

Snipp is wondering what that is???

Snipp decided he would rather nap there :) away from the puppy


Boxer takes a stroll thru the house

Sassy's puppy pen. Purpose to keep furniture and Snipp in one piece :)

While Sassy is in the puppy pen Snipp is roasting in front of the heater :)

So Sassy and Snipp like to nap in Snipp's crate together :)

See fast asleep :)

You can see how tiny Sassy was, same size as Snipp :)

They like to cuddle on the dog bed too.

Snipp def prefers Sassy, when she is asleep LOL

Cute little face :)

What you don't see is that Snipp is asleep in the bed that Sassy is asleep on :)


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