Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Before the wedding...

Hi everyone,

It has been over 2 yrs since I posted. Time sure flies when you are having fun   Last time I posted was just a few weeks before the wedding   

As you may remember the lovely engagement ring  Jostein gave me on Oct, 1st 2012. I loved how it is different from the regular type of rings.  Def my style 

Jostein and I bought our wedding bands from Kay's Jewelers. I prefer white gold and Jostein gold so this worked out well 

About 6 month before the wedding we send out "Save the date" cards to everyone on our guest list.  We had found a set for these cards at Joann's.  It worked well with the silver since the colors for the wedding were hot pink, black, and silver/bling 

The invitations were sent out 2 months before the wedding.  The insert was glued into black and hot pink paper.  I thought I had a pic of it but can't find it 

We found these cute plastic shoes  and decided they would make great place card holders.  

I found out that glue guns are the bomb for all the projects I made for the wedding.  We found a set for place cards from the same company who made the invitations and save the date.  I added the bling hearts to the card, and added a piece bling to the tip of the shoe.

They line up nicely don't they   We had left over shoes so used them for name tags for food since we were having buffet dinner.

These are napkin holders I made.  Used wide ribbon in black and hot pink.  Glued on narrow ribbon with crystals on it.  The ring is actually clear shower curtain holders. 

Girls got pink one and boys black 

We found this cake topper on ebay.  They customized it with red hair for me and brown for Jostein.  And added glitter to the dress.

After getting an estimate on fresh flowers for the tables I decided I could make something that would cost a lot less.  Ordered silk flowers in black, hot pink, and silver from ebay.  Also ordered a lot of crystal brooches again from ebay.  Added wire and pipe cleaner rods to each of them (again hot glue gun  is my friend).  

All the vases are actually spaghetti sauce etc jars that I cleaned, removed the labels.  Added mod podge and glitter.  And covered with a spray sealant. There was glitter everywhere lol.  Sassy and Snipp were both covered in it 

I also made my own wedding bouquet and one a bit smaller for my sister who was the maid of honor.  Again used the same thing as for the center pieces.

Both were wrapped in hot pink ribbon to finish off the look.  I also had a rosary which was wrapped around just above the ribbon which I received from my mom as something borrowed.

I made these boutonnieres for Jostein, SR (his son and best man) and Pål (J's brother and best man on paper since SR was younger than 18 so couldn't sign the paperwork).  I thought the guys should def have some bling as well 

Here is the buffet table.  We had the reception in a hall that we rented from the town.  We found that buying/renting table cloths cost quite a bit, so ended up at Stoff & Stil (kind like Joann's) and bought shiny material in white for the buffet tables, and black material for the dining tables 

We bought this bar from Elisabeth and Steinar so we could set up the bar.  Yes there are 2 beer  taps on top there. Variety of alcoholic and none-alcoholic drinks in the coke fridge behind the bar 

The place only had one fridge, so we brought our extra one and borrowed one from Lucie and Even who had their wedding at the same place 1 month before us.

Full of lots of yummy food made by my mom, Elisabeth, me, and cakes by several other people as well.

There was plenty of food and we divided it up with those who helped out after the wedding since there was no way we would be able to eat all the left-overs lol.

There was more food added the day of the wedding.  The above 3 pics were taken the day before the wedding.

The day of the wedding - 7th of June 2014. Arrived early at the hairdresser's.  Yes Jostein did see me the day of the wedding before the church 

Doesn't Jostein look handsome? 
Ragnhild is our hairdresser and did a great job.

Then it is time for me   I colored my hair etc the week before.

Me and Madeleine, my sis and maid of honor.  Pre-beautified.

The mothership has landed LOL.

Yes lots of curlers are needed for this event!

Once some of the curls were dry another drier was used to help me finish drying. Lots of hair here so it all takes time lol.

We have achieved curls!!!

My hair looks shorter with all the tight curls.

Full and shiny!!

Time for makeup.  Added a special detail added eyelash extensions with crystals.

My sis and I toasting.

Madeleine's hairdo ended up so elegant.

I didn't want a veil.  Instead I ordered a bit hair brooch on ebay to have in my hair.  Ragnhild had to sew it on since ti was so big and heavy lol.  Fits in well with the bling theme :)

Madeleine and my bouquets 

Here are details from the back of my dress.

More detail.

There are black flowers with bling.  Def fits the theme for the wedding 

I always wanted a wedding dress with corset ribbon 

Almost done!!

Ragnhild did my hair, makeup and helped me get dressed.  She did my sister's hair and makeup as well.

Time to add the jewelry. More bling of course!!

I think the makeup turned out well as well.

I think the hair brooch complimented the look!!

This is the program we made and gave everyone at the wedding.  The inside had the words to the songs as well.

Meanwhile at the church.... 

Yes I was late to my own wedding...


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