Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pics after the ceremony

Hi everyone,

After the wedding ceremony the photographer took us to take our pictures 

I really like how this pic turned out.  We are going to print this one and hang it up 

Downtown Svelvik is in the background.  We are on a small island which is accessed by a very short bridge.

I had to remove my heels because they kept sinking into the grass 

Black and white pics are pretty cool! 

I wished the necklace I had, hadn't broken just before this photo shoot 

I really love this dress, perfect for me 

My handsome brand new hubby 

Jostein def cleans up nicely doesn't he 

I'm pretty sure I was making some smart ass remark here 

Most of the day was very nice, there was a little bit of rain.  I think the rain clouds in the back look so cool!

It turns out we both clean up nicely 

Love is in the air 

I probably should have put my heels back on but I was pretty comfy without the shoes lol.

We did have fun with photo shoot 

As I mentioned on my previous post my dress was a bit big lol

Showing leg, and yes barefoot lol.

I would have liked to see Jostein's smile in this pic.

Again I find the black & white pics special  

Wedding bands 

I do love my bling 

The boutonniere I made for Jostein 

My bouquet and my shoes.  Did I mention I love bling? lol

Next post will be pics for the reception/party 


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