Friday, October 14, 2016

The ceremony... 7th of June 2014

Hi everyone,

As promised here is a post about the wedding ceremony 

The ceremony was held in this beautiful small church. 
Berger Kirke.

Meanwhile in the church Jostein is waiting on me since I was a bit late... 

Handsome SR giving out the ceremony programs 

My dad walked me down the aisle 

I was thrilled when my dad said he would be able to be here to walk me down the aisle 

This was the priest.  Funny side note, in the middle of the service he started on a promotion for a counseling center   Jostein and I had lived together for 2 yrs before the wedding.  He didn't think we knew each other well enough since we didn't agree to do counseling before the wedding  

I just had to see what was going on in the church lol.

Madeleine and I on the left, Jostein and SR on the right 

My sister and beautiful maid of honor 

I'm sitting across from my future husband 

I just am so happy with how my bouquet turned out 

Jostein, my handsome hubby 

Listening to the priest, I might have been distracted 

Then it was time for exchange of vows 

I had been practicing so that I wouldn't stumble over the words.  I was told everyone could hear me... On the other hand Jostein, who you normally can hear across a soccer field, couldn't be heard LOLOLOL.  Good thing Jonny got it on video 

I def was very happy 

"You may kiss the bride" 

Then it was a blessing   4 weeks before the wedding I had gotten bronchitis  Unfortunately the 1st set of antibiotics didn't work.  I discovered when kneeling that the dress was a bit big and the priest had a good view down my dress   So I had to tuck it in LOL.

We now stood on the same side since we were officially married 


 My brand new hubby 

 Isn't he handsome 

At least I can say the church was very colorful 

I think this is the only time you actually see my shoes, which are very blingy as well 

Officially husband and wife 
I made the decorations in the church.  They get used at the reception after 

Family pic outside the church.
Lasse (my father), Madeleine (my sister), Lai (my mom), me, Jostein, SR (J's son), Pia-Helen (my SIL), Pål (my BIL), Gudveig (my MIL), Tore (my FIL) 

Yes was told to have a kissing pic 

Maid of honor, Mother of the bride, Bride, Father of the Bride

Jostein and his immediate family 

This is the pic we both have on our desks at work 
Makes a very nice official pic 

After the ceremony Jostein and I went to have some pics taken while everyone else went to the reception hall for snacks and welcome drinks 



Liss Waldenstrøm said...

Gode minner :D <3

Sue said...

Love the pictures and the commentary! And yes, Jostein is very handsome, but you are gorgeous!

Anastasia said...

Wonderfully beautiful pictures Anne-Kathrine. Thank you so much for sharing them and your wedding with us. Loved it all.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Takk Liss for all hjelpen din <3

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Sue I did feel beautiful :) and it was such a fun day overall :)

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Anastasia, I have been wanting to do this post a long time since we really had a great day :)