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Christmas and Sassy's 1st puppy show - Dec 24, 28 & 29

Snipp and Sassy waiting for Christmas dinner - Dec 24th, 2012

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year :)  As usual a lot of exciting things happens here :) Never a dull moment :)

What's happening over there??

We better get down, Daddy says dinner is ready :)

Our Christmas dinner

We had a traditional Norwegian dinner.  Jostein cooked :) Ribbe - Pork side with fat left on to make a crunch outer part, with medisterpølsermedisterkaker, brown gravy, boiled potatoes, rødkål (red cabbage), and boiled mixed veggies (ok that isn't tradition, but I love my veggies :) ) I had red wine and Jostein had beer.  He didn't have akevitt, since he doesn't like it (I don't like beer or akevitt lol).  The pets got their usual dinners :)  Sassy did get turkey on the next meals :)

Sassy - Dec 28, 2012 with Anne

On the 28th of Dec, I decided to take Sassy to her breeder, Anne so I could give her a bath and Anne could clip her for me :)  I haven't learned how to clip a poodle and didn't want to try to figure it out before her 1st show :)  Wow she actually looks like a show dog here :)

We drove up to the hotel that evening since Sassy still drools a lot in the car and didn't want to have a lot of stress right before the show.  I got her a waterproof outfit to keep the drooling off her.  It worked great. I need to get a pic of her wearing it :)  We stayed at the Letohallen Best Western.  Sassy behaved herself in the room :)

Sassy - 5 months old - Dec 29th, 2012 

This was one of our better poses lol.  You can see her brother, Billy in the background looking very well behaved :)  Sassy wasn't intimated by all the noise or the dogs.  She really wanted to play with all of them :)

Anne showing how Sassy should stand.  A showdog in the making :)

Such a pretty girl

Mama, I really need you to tie up my hair :) I can't see anything :)

Sassy and I having a heart to heart before going into the ring

"The girls" :)

Sassy's listing

Our number

As usual with the poodles there is a lot of weighting around.  Eventhough she was scheduled to go into the ring at 11:30 am, she actually didn't go in until close to 2 pm.  That makes for a very long day for a puppy :)

I need to remember to hold her tail up

Work in progress :)

Not always easy getting her placed right

Hey I remembered the tail (well mostly lol)

I wished I had had a bit more time to stack her correctly for the judge. 

OK don't laugh too hard LOL.  I really need to work on running in the ring with her.  Just couldn't find the right rhythm.  She actually hopped less than I thought she would lol.

Last back and forth for the judge.  

Well we got 2nd place (no need to say there were just 2 of them LOL).  

Sassy's 1st ribbons.

From what I understand the pink/purple (left) is for having participated in the dogshow and the pink/blue is for 2nd place :)

Sassy's 1st critique (in Norwegian)

Mostly good critique.  He did says she was bowing her back, but that comes back to me not having time to stack her correctly and that he kept touching her tummy which makes her curve her back more.

We really did have a lot of fun at this show and def will be showing again.  We will work on the things that are most obvious and hopefully do better in the next show :) (looks like it might be in early March 2013).  Jostein was very patient with all this especially since he is very new to the dog world :)


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