Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sassy - 19 & 23 December, 2012

Sassy and Snipp :) 

I just had to share some cute pics of Sassy and Snipp together :)

Sassy: Come on, play with me!!!
Snipp: I'm trying to nap here!

Sassy: Please!!!!
Snipp: groan, silly puppy!

Sassy: But Snipp I love playing with you
Snipp: Will you get your *#%$ paw of my face

So Sassy is outside playing with Jostein

Nothing cuter than a puppy in the snow :)

Sassy playing in the snow with Daddy

Sassy going full speed, look at that snow flying lol

You can tell she is having fun :)

Black puppy in the snow is awesome :)

Ppppppfffffssssshhhhhhh lol

She is a snow puppy :)

You can't see my eyes but I can see youuuuuu :)

Snipp loves cuddling with Sassy since she has all that lovely fur :)  This was taken a few days after the playing in the snow pics with Jostein :)

So I decided to play out in the snow with Sassy :)

Watch her gooooooo!!!

I'm coming...

Come on Mama, let's play :)

Puppy power :)

I can sit pretty :)

Watch the snow fly lol


Busy puppy

Puppies are such fun :)

My pretty little girly :)

Sassy 1st Christmas card :)  Sassy wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

Snipp wishes everyone a Merry Christmas



Anonymous said...

Aww How cute they are!!!
Thanks for sharing can't wait to mee your furry kids.
Your Brat & Doodle

Anne-Kathrine said...

Thanks Sis :) I know you will fall in love with them too!!!