Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sassy - 12 weeks old - Oct 21, 2012

Sassy 12 weeks old 

Hi Everyone,

Still trying to get all the posts up of Sassy and trying to stay in somewhat order :)

Wonder what is under here???

Me.... I'm not doing anything lol

Snipp warming himself :)

So serious :)

Oh My Goodness who is coming???

Daddy!!!  I luves you!!!!

Jostein after a shift with Røde Kors (Red Cross)

Sassy and I decided to take a long walk.

Curious puppy

Are you coming, mama?

Got to say Fall is just beautiful here :)

Munching on a leaf lol

Down to the water

Looking out on the water

I caught a tree!!!

Coming full speed :)

Sitting and waiting

Such a cute face

Checking out the seaweed



I think she has a nice profile :)

View from the beach

Chasing my tail is fun


And around

I think I got it

And gone!!!!!

See the moss :)

Tired after a fun day outside

I'm going to nap with my turtle

Napping next to mama :)


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