Friday, January 11, 2013

Puppy meetup - Jan 5th, 2013

Sassy is the black blob in the middle of the pic lol
Hi everyone,

Have you been working on your New Year's Resolutions for 2013??  My big one is that I want to post a blog once a week.  I'm not sure I can pull it off but I want to do better in 2013 :)

Sassy front right

On Jan 5th, Skoger Dyrehotell had a puppy meet up.  That is where Sassy boards when we are traveling without her.  She really enjoyed staying there.  They have it setup in a buddy system so that 2 dogs stay together to make the visit more enjoyable and so that the dogs don't get lonely :) She came home exhausted and happy :)

Sassy front right

It was a good sized group of puppies who met up that Saturday :) There were 2 portuguese waterdogs, 1 curly haired retriever, 1 lab, 1 white terrier (not sure what breed), 1 collie, 1 australian sheepdog and of course 1 standard poodle :) (hope I didn't forget anyone, unfortunately I didn't get the names of most of the puppies).  Most were between 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 months, the oldest was 9 months old :)

I got a lot of pics but quite a few are blurry.  I really need to read up on how to use my camera correctly lol.

Sassy is in front of the crouched lady

Sassy is up-close and personal saying hello.  She hasn't understood the concept of personal space LOL

Lots of wrestling going on :)

Hey Sassy actually has all 4 legs on the ground lol

Sassy 2nd from right

Sassy middle front

Playing follow the leader (Sassy last)

Now follow me (Sassy all way on right)

Frozen blanket is fun to play with

Sassy left, she had that crazy look a lot that day LOL

Sassy coming thru

Sassy: I love being the leader lol

Sassy front, you can tell she is having a blast

Sassy in front

Sassy front left

Sassy watching the action

Taking a break

Sassy stopped abruptly to check out a hole

She is def curious

Taking a short break from the playing.  These 2 boys wrestled a lot together.

Indie (left) is pretty opinionated lol

Hard work having fun :)

Sassy in the background flying lol

This one just wanted to get away from all the other dogs LOL

Sassy left

Sassy in front, she is pretty busy lol

Sassy back, she is curious about the dogs on the outside of the fence.

Indie left, Sassy right

Getting closer

Lets play!

Sassy on right, look lots of lovely teeth lol

I will bite you if you don't leave my girly bits alone LOL

Sassy trotting by

She does enjoy watching the others play too

See lots of puppies

What you doing out there??

Dual butt shot :)

Sassy left, again with the crazy look on her face lol

Sassy front

What no one wants to play?

Hmm looking around

And the other side

Ah someone to play with me.  This is the 9 month old boy, the other Indy :)

Water break.  Sassy back right waiting her turn

Pile o'doggies

He certainly has a mischievous look on his face lol

Sassy right

And they are off

More water break

Sassy behind

Indie left: what you got in your pocket
Sassy right, can I get some too??

Oh well we better play some more :)

Sassy front

No time for water breaks

This girl loved playing with the water bowl :)

Sassy had a wonderful time.  We were there about 1 hr and she played the whole time.  After running an errand we came home and Sassy was pretty much out for the rest of the day LOL.  Got up for a short play session with her toys, then back to napping :)

We def will be taking her to this again.  They meet up once a month.  I would love for her to have the opportunity to play with puppies her age on a more regular basis.  Def good for her and she ends up nice and tired :)


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