Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sassy - December 2 & 8, 2012

Snipp :)

I thought I would share a cute pic of Snipp to start this blog.

Sassy pre-grooming

So Sassy got groomed by Anne from Kennel Ankaru, Sassy's breeder for the 1st time since we got her :)

Sassy actually looks like a standard poodle! Who is a show dog!!

Her face, paws and tail area was shaved. 

As with most dogs, the more the pics the better :)

Sassy could actually pass for a showdog here :)

The flash worked overtime.  Her face and neck are actually black not silver :)

Pretty girl!!!

Smiling girly

So this time when I went to the hairdresser I actually went in with the intent of having red hair :) I totally love the color, sooooo much fun :)

Me and Sassy both groomed :)

I just had to share a cute pic of Sassy and Snipp napping together on the couch :)

This was taken at my company's Julebord (Christmas party).  I think Jostein and I look pretty happy :)


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